Wuhan Two Rivers and Four Banks



Celebrating the life and commerce that two mighty rivers have breathed into Wuhan, the rivers and their four banks have been transformed into a spectacular lightshow. 

The ancient port city of Wuhan lies at the confluence of two mighty rivers, the Yangtze and the Han. Now, celebrating the life and commerce this junction has breathed into Wuhan for thousands of years, the two rivers and their four banks have been transformed into a spectacular canvas, with over 20 km of synchronized LED lightshow weaving fairytales into the night sky and river reflections.

OSRAM Lighting Solutions provided 6,785 units of e:cue Butler PRO, Butler S2, LCE-mx, LCE and LCE-fx to control the LED screens of over 300 buildings, while 2,886 OSRAM ArchiShape® Flood RGBW S M L augment the entertainment on selected buildings.

The lighting beats as one narrative heart, with all e:cue products connected and synchronized to the split second by a unique hybrid fiber optic and 4G network solution.

Incredibly, the commissioning for the entire 20 km, 300-building lightshow was completed in just four days. This was achieved through the innovative approach of installing a control server and sub-control server in each building through User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The protocol allows artists’ videos to be perfectly split across more than 300 individual buildings, stored in the sub-control servers. The solution has proved perfectly reliable in triggering media playback in real-time, while also allowing for further connection between systems in the future.

With the lighting and control solutions provided by OSRAM Lighting Solutions, the Yangtze and Han rivers come to life, offering residents and tourists a visual feast and showcasing the illustrious history and culture of Wuhan city.

Featured Products

ArchiShape® Flood RGBW, 1 PXL Cove Light XR (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Butler Pro, Butler S2, Butler XT, Glass Touch T12, LCE, LCE mx, LCE fx


Wuhan Tourism Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Lighting Designer

Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Lighting Institute Co., Ltd

Completion Date

February 2016

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