At Traxon e:cue, we are passionate about improving the light – and lives – in our communities. Therefore, our passion extends to the sustainability of our products, services, and operations, to reduce or eliminate negative environmental and social impacts, and to identify opportunities to increase the positive contributions we bring to the world.

We recognize sustainable lighting as a mindset and a process that requires regular self-evaluation to continually evolve our sustainable practice. Improvements that lead to increased efficiency, longevity, engagement, and accountability all contribute to our increased net-positive impact for our communities, customers, partners, and employees.

Our pursuit of improved sustainable practice and operations is aligned under three main initiatives: Doing More with Less; Enabling Circular Economies; and Creating Impact for our Partners.

Do More with Less

Solutions providing more performance, using less material, with industry-leading longevity is the most direct path to sustainable practice. Doing More with Less is a philosophy that weaves throughout our entire operation and translate to efficient and sustainable lighting solutions at every phase of project engagement.

Enable Circular Economies

Circular Project Thinking begins at the Concept Design Phase
and continues well beyond project deliver. Traxon e:cue’s circular solutions ensure reliable and maintainable lighting, including innovative end-of-life planning to reuse, refurbish, and recycle existing equipment to bring new life to old systems.

Create Impact for our Partners

Traxon e:cue’s smart systems enable our customers to monitor and manage their lighting and building systems, generating data and feedback to tune high-performance systems for optimal efficiency, up to and including collaborative end-of-life planning. These collaborations extend Traxon e:cue’s sustainable impact well beyond our own operations.

Our sustainability goals incorporate the ecological, social, and regulatory considerations outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Guidelines. We use the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to assess the sustainability of our current business practices and set goals for further improvement.

To learn more about our sustainability strategy and partnerships, please reach out to Cy Eaton, Global Development Director, for more information on how we can partner with you to improve sustainability on your next project.  

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