OSRAM General Lighting

Traxon General Lighting, from OSRAM Luminaires, together with e:cue control systems, is a global leader in general lighting and control systems providing complete, sustainable, and intelligent lighting solutions. 

Partnering with OSRAM General Lighting means:

  • Choosing flexibility, simplicity, and innovation
  • Working with knowledgeable lighting professionals from around the globe to elevate street, spot, industry, hospitality, and retail environments
  • Full support on software and product development, customization, project management, and planning services throughout the life of your project

Market leader of smart street, smart industry, and smart office solutions

Various product lines to satisfy regional project requirements

products designed and manufactured for the most difficult environments

best-in-class compontents ensure function beyond end of warranty

simple installation and commissioning to save project cost and time

Brilliant technology and unmatched capabilities dating back 100+ years

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