Traxon Product Tiers

Introducing Pro, Plus and Go, the three Traxon product tiers thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique requirements, featuring a diverse range of performance options and budgets to suit every project.


Unsurpassed design, performance and
innovation in Architectural Lighting.

  • Superior color, effects and performance
  • State-of-the-Art optical, electrical and control features
  • Modular, scalable systems for improved efficiencies
  • Architectural design aesthetics
  • Highest number of fixtures per cable run
  • The best data reliability and redundancy
  • Most efficient total cost of ownership

The benchmark for Dynamic Architectural
Lighting Solutions.

  • Rich, saturated color-mixing (RGBW), and superior binning (White)
  • Superior feature-set and advanced controls
  • Long, reliable product life
  • Wide variety of standard product variants and accessories
  • Auto-addressing DMX
  • e:pix compatible

Essential features and performance for
Architectural Projects.

  • Market-competitive performance
  • Fundamental control functionality
  • Long, reliable product life
  • Budget-focused
  • Standard DMX protocol

Product Matrix

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Product Matrix

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