Discontinued Products

Traxon Dynamic Lighting

Product NameReplacement
Linear QuattroProPoint Linear
Allegro Linear AC
Nano Liner AllegroProPoint Linear
Allegro Linear AC
Washer QuattroProPoint Washer
Allegro Washer AC
Washer AllegroProPoint Washer
Allegro Washer AC
Cove Light AC HO White & White GrazeCove Light AC Dim GII
Allegro Tube MonoAllegro Media Tube Lite
Mesh & StringAllegro Dot XS
Dot XLAllegro Dot
Media Dot Go
ARCHISHAPE Dot 2.0Media Dot Go

e:cue Lighting Controls

IC CodeProduct NameStatusLast date of orderLast delivery dateReplacement
AM34934003I, AM19398003ILighting Control Engine 2 mxPhased Out15.03.202330.03.2023Lighting Control Engine 3 mx
AB447060035SYMPL Core SPhased Out15.03.202330.03.2023SYMPL Core Sp
AA623910135DMX2PWM 9CHPhased Out01.03.202301.03.2023DMX2PWM Dimmer 4CH
AA439120138Glass Touch T6RPhased Out10.02.202310.02.2023Glass Touch T6 & T12
AM305670031SYMPL essential NodePhased Out01.11.202201.01.2023SYMPL essential2 Node
AA439170138Light-Drive ElitePhased Out09.08.202121.08.2021LIGHTDRIVE+
AA629450035Lighting Control Engine 2Phased Out15.05.202031.05.2020Lighting Control Engine 3
AA629460035Lighting Control Engine 2 fxPhased Out15.05.202031.05.2020Lighting Control Engine 3 fx
AA438950235Video Micro Converter (DMX)Phased Out10.12.201904.02.2020None
AA438940235Video Micro Converter (DMX/e:pix)Phased Out10.12.201904.02.2020None
AA752290035ETH2DALIPhased Out10.12.201904.02.2020SYMPL dali Node
160004FADERUNITPhased Out
UT.IM.0040001e:bus Input ModulePhased Out
160029CONNECT EIB/KNXPhased Out
AA556660031Butler XT2 GaragePhased Out
AA5700601ILDMX2CC 6CHPhased Out25.04.202430.04.2024
AA5700501ILDMX2CC 12CHPhased Out25.04.202430.04.2024

OSRAM General Lighting

Product NameReplacement
Roblitz Highbay SEN/A
Simplitz WaterproofSimplitz Waterproof V2
Simplitz PanelSimplitz Panel V3
Pursos SHP S V2 Floodlight (Square)Pursos SHP V3.1 Flood Light (General Edition)
Pursos SHP V3.1 Flood Light (Premium Edition)
LEDCOMFO Floodlight V3LEDCOMFO Flood Light V3.1
Pursos SHP V3 Floodlight General EditionPursos SHP V3.1 Flood Light General Edition
Pursos SHP V3 Floodlight Premium EditionPursos SHP V3.1 Floodlight Premium Edition
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