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Lighting up the European Games

The White Rose Centre in Leeds is a 71,100 square meter shopping mall with over 100 stores and services. In 2017, a 6,000 square meter £25 million extension named “The Village” was completed, offering an 11 screen IMAX Cineworld Cinema, six restaurants and a range of public realm features, including a children’s play area and event space. Traxon Nano Liner Allegro RGB LED luminaires and e:cue Butler XT2 lighting control from Traxon e:cue were chosen to provide dynamic color changing lighting on the façade and under the canopy of the cinema.

Traxon e:cue partner Studiotech, which specializes in innovative, complex LED installations, was commissioned with the dynamic, energy-efficient LED lighting of the façade and the canopy of the cinema. White Rose operator Land Securities asked the light planners to design a solution that could be installed invisibly behind the mesh panel façade of the cinema. 

As ideal solution for this task, Studiotech chose Traxon’s Nano Liner Allegro RGB LED luminaires: a high output, energy-efficient and ultra slim linear lighting solution for outdoor environments. Powered directly with AC line voltage, the slender Nano Liner Allegro is optimal for many types of exterior architectural, retail, and hospitality applications. The Nano Liner Allegro is available in four fixture lengths, and two beam spreads, making it suitable for a wide range of wall grazing, linear, and indirect illumination where a cost-effective, low-profile solution is required. 

Dynamic color-changing lighting with Traxon Nano Liner Allegro RGB LED luminaires and e:cue control.

The narrow 50 x 10 beam angle of the Traxon Nano Liner Allegro RGB specified by Studiotech, allows the light to be directed up the mesh creating an even wash up of the façade. Each device is individually controlled via the Butler XT2 lighting control and programmed using e:cue LAS software to provide dynamic lighting effects, matched for instance to important calendar dates and special events. 

Traxon e:cue was responsible for the installation and initial programming of the fixtures. Studiotech’s Ed Vickery explains why Traxon e:cue were also the first choice for him on the White Rose project: “The Traxon fittings were the ideal luminaire for this application. Being easy to install and providing an even wash of powerful light behind the mesh façade, they have provided us with the perfect solution. The Traxon Nano Liner Allegro RGB have been a great addition to the solution we provided at The Village.”

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Aug, 2018

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