The WAVE office building, which is located in the center of Athens, has been redesigned sustainably. Having close collaboration with the local team, a thorough understanding of the lighting designer’s goals, and an awareness of the restrictions imposed by sustainable building design made this project a successful experience for Traxon e:cue.

Traxon e:cue used the Allegro Media Tube Lite 4000k profile, which its most important feature is angled ends, which allow end-to-end seamless illumination. Other features include unique mounts, thinner plugs, step sizes of 10mm, and a special 6mm opal glass lens.

The product had to be entirely customized around our dependable and tested technology due to the required design. In this instance, light had to be visually transported around the angled ends of the façade, which could only be achieved by innovative use of product design. The luminaire in this instance had an angled end and a raised diffused glass lens cover; it also needed to be low-profile and have specially made easy-to-install brackets. To use cable and connections that would work with the remaining installation space, the power and data circuits had to be constructed around the restricted external penetration places.

Thanos Danilof, the lighting designer, said: ‘’ For this project, we needed lighting fixtures that could be easily customized to match the morphology of the facade lighting, the lighting design intent, and the main sustainability goals. With its “customized” Allegro Media Tube Lite 4000k, which has customization flexibility, durability tests, lab reports, and certifications, Traxon e: cue could meet our needs. As a result, the project was recognized with a significant international lighting design award for exterior illuminations and has been featured in both domestic and international media.’’

Featured Product

'Customised' Allegro Media Tube Lite 4000k



Lighting Designer



Pygmalion Karatzas

Completion Date

September 2023

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