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World-class office tower developed by Vingroup

TechnoPark Tower, also known as Vinfast Headquarters, is a world-class office tower developed by Vingroup, one of Asia’s largest multi-industry private corporations, in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the height of 186.18m /611 ft with 45 floors, it is the third tallest building in Hanoi, offering all-in-one advantages. The TechnoPark Tower includes Vinhomes Ocean Park smart city, a traffic location quickly connecting to the airport – the city center – the neighboring industrial parks and a system of on-site utilities which has been put into operation.

Vingroup aims to become a world-class Technology – Industry – Service corporation, and TechnoPark Tower now stands as an iconic example of the technology symbols that strongly demonstrates Vingroup’s vision for the future. The TechnoPark Tower is built on three criteria: green, smart and wellness. These are also the principles for the creation of the building’s façade lighting, created jointly by Lighting Designer LK Technology and solution provider OSRAM Traxon e:cue.  

Traxon Media Pixel Ribbon RGB, with flexibility to fit curved and freeform structures, has been customized in the length of 4,250 meters, putting vertical LED strips on the glass façade. To echo with the technology theme and limit glare, the lighting has been set to be simple and low-key, while preserving its glamour with RGB colors and a rhythmic rolling pattern.

Paired with the installed LED strips, nearly 350 pieces of e:cue controllers, including the e:cue DMX universes and the e:cue SYMPL Essential Nodes, spread across the spaces. The e:cue control system enables not only synchronization of LED lights, but also a communication between the connected lighting and the central control board. It allows for managing every operating unit with a glance on the Building Management System, achieving smart control and full automation to minimize energy waste and meet green requirements.

As a LEED Platinum awarded property, the TechnoPark Tower has been designed with a proposed 17.4% total annual energy savings in kWh/year, including external lighting annual energy saving as high as 73.7%. We are glad to see our solution helped in achieving such a great goal and establishing a tech landmark in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Photos are provided by: LK Technology

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Mar, 2022

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