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Suzhou, a focal point of trade and commerce on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is a rising metropolis in China.  It has long been a tourist destination for its canals, bridges, pagodas, and beautiful gardens. Now it becomes a people magnet for its economic development and was even featured in the country’s heatedly-debated drama All is Well.

To build a more diverse development model, Suzhou created the Jinji Lake West CBD in the s east end, west to the Shanghai. It is recognized as the future center of Suzhou City. 

Traxon e:cue has become part of this ambition. Our Connected lighting is what makes the city’s heart beat, including the Suzhou Center and Gate to the East.

Suzhou Center, also known as Wings of Future, has the world’s largest free-flowing curved surface and skylight roof with seamless connection. This means a large project that needs illumination but leaves extremely limited spaces for any lights. Gate to the East towers into the sky with twin spires at above 300 meters. Inspired by the Suzhou garden archways, it is considered a gateway towards the new central business district. Its significance raises the bar of video effects. When installation is this difficult, our compact Media Tube® HO, Dot-XL and e:cue control engines come in handy, for their flexibility, intelligence, display brightness and quality.

Now, around 35,000 pieces of OSRAM and Traxon luminaires and e:cue control engines enable these landmarks to glow radiantly, to the city’s vibrant rhythm, by the Jinji Lake. When the evening steps on, the buildings will discover their glamourous reflections on the lake, ruffled by the breeze and becomes stars on waters. So bright, the starry lake could outshine the moon on the sky. So spectacular, everyone pass by could be lost in such marvel.

The Suzhou Center spreads its colorful wings like a phenix, and the Gate to the East reaches to the sky with brilliance like entrance to a bright future.

This is the future center that we built. Start living the future.

Featured Products

Media Tube® HO
Dot-XL (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 2 fx (Discontinued)
Butler Pro


Suzhou Industrial Park Jinji Lake Urban Development Co., Ltd

Lighting Designer



Shanghai Laiyiting Illuminance Technology Co.,Ltd

Completion Date

Nov, 2018

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