National Gymnastics Arena



Lighting up the European Games

The National Gymnastics Arena, a world-class and transformational sports venue designed by architect Broadway Malyan, is set to bring gymnasts and spectators together and represent a symbol of national, civic and sporting pride. The arena comprises a 9,000 seat stadium, a 2,500 m2 training hall, a medical centre, canteens, offices, and 16,000 m2 of landscaped gardens. With the retractable and moveable seating design, the arena can be easily adapted to host various sporting events and concerts. The exterior of the structure is surrounded by three ribbon louvers that control daylight and solar gain.

Traxon’s dynamic lighting solution, consisting of approx. 600 Wall Washer Shield AC XB, illuminate the exterior of the arena, making it appears in various colors to display impressive combinations like Azerbaijan national colors. The ten transparent screens, around the venue’s façade, realized due a total of 11 km Media Tube®, are mounted in a customized profile that is not only designed to provide mechanical stability but unrestricted visibility from inside out and full detailed video communication from outside. The screens and ribbon are acting together to match the color of the content. Preprogrammed sequences orchestrate compositions of graphical animations on the screens and various colour gradients on the ribbons.

The National Gymnastics Arena is specially designed to host the inaugural European Games 2015 and various rhythmic and artistic gymnastics championships.

Featured Products

Media Tube® RGB
Washer Shield AC XB RGB (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 2 fx
Butler XT2


PASHA Construction LLC.

Lighting Designer

Francis Krahe & Associates


Broadway Malyan

Project Management

Mace International

Completion Date

May, 2014

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