Los Libertadores Bridge



Los Libertadores is a modern cable-stayed bridge that was recently declared an icon by the mayor of Peru as a gift to Lima citizens in celebration of the “bicentenario” of independence. 

Lighting designer Claudia Paz of CAM Peru and contractor and software specialist Arquileds collaborated with Traxon Technologies to develop a sophisticated LED lighting installation for the bridge, this consists of 410 customizable Media Tube RGB. The result is an ultra bright, full color effect for the 12 steel bands that span from the top of the bridge to the bank of the Rimac River, perfectly tracing the architectural design of the bridge. Traxon Media Tube RGB can resist nearly any weather condition, making it a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor installations. All of the bridge’s lighting effects are controlled using 4 e:cue lighting control Butler and one Butler XT which can be activated by an iPod touch using e:cue’s software.

Photography: © David Castañeda

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