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The Parking Garage at First Place Tower is the newest multi-level complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering both parking spaces and retail facilities.

The Parking Garage at First Place Tower is the newest multi-level complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The garage provides over 500 spaces that span across seven floors, two levels below ground, and five levels above. In addition, the structure also creates 3,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor to accommodate restaurants and shopping.

The objective of this new facility? To provide an open parking structure that was both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing among the surrounding facilities located at the heart of downtown Tulsa. As part of this build, it was essential that the exterior garage lighting be prominent, so First Tower Place teamed with Cyntergy Engineering to make this happen.

To create the desired dramatic façade effects, Traxon’s Washer Quattro RGBW and e:cue’s lighting controls were selected as the buildings’ lighting system. The Washer Quattro RGBW, with a tight optic, highlights the painted aluminum fins that are vertically mounted outside the garage, while also showcasing the word TULSA that is etched into the fins over the garage entrance.

In this case, fixture selection, as well as fixture placement, were paramount in enhancing the varying widths, depths, and spacing of the fins, while limiting the glare and light trespass onto adjacent buildings.

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First Place Tower

Lighting Designer

Christopher Harwell - Cyntergy Engineering



Completion Date

March 2019

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