Covent Garden Market



The largest and most visited market in London

Convent Garden is the largest market in London, attracts many visitors, and is famous for its elite stores, outstanding restaurants, and theatres. Illuminating this market’s façade and outdoor lighting design could create a more attractive and liveable atmosphere at night. According to the client, Traxon: ecue was chosen for this project because of its broad selection of products and simplicity of customization.
The Allegro Media Tube Lite was the ideal choice for this project because of its versatility, it is a media tube and can be configured to function as a superb outdoor cove light, providing the installation with a 2700K warm white illumination. The media tube is primarily used in direct-view applications, where it can be installed for media facades or linear accent lighting highlighting the features of a building. This project highlights how it can be used for illumination as well as an exterior cove light when only a small throw of light is needed. For this project, Traxon customized the product and changed the LED emitter from RGBW4000K to RGBW2700K, making the white warmer to complement the heritage project and highlight the hue of the natural stone. The client can use the RGB element in the same fitting to produce a limitless number of colours, patterns, and displays when they want the system to commemorate a particular event or celebration.
Tom Niven, lighting director at BPD, said: ‘’In addition to providing exceptionally high-quality devices, Traxon: ecue offers an organized approach to comparing price and functionality, which enables us as designers to decide where value for money matters and where the function is needed. Considering the e:cue system is flexible and easy to program, this component was essential to the scheme’s success. Additionally, we have a long-standing, reliable connection with Traxon: ecue, and we are confident in their ability to provide an outstanding and high-quality structure. Thus, the combination of quality, utility, affordability, and trustworthiness led us to select Traxon: ecue’’

With Traxon e:cue, you have the opportunity to experience an ideal combination of reliability and flexibility to customize every detail according to your preferences and particular needs. Your satisfaction is ensured by our reputation for providing reliable solutions. We will be honoured to accompany you on your journey to improve your projects to a new level of innovation and proficiency. Get in touch with us right now and sign up for our newsletter so you know about updates on the latest products, projects, events, and more.

Featured Product

250pcs Custom Allegro Media Tube Lite RGBW2700K 46pcs AS Linear MIDI 3000K 14pcs AS Linear MIDI RGBW SYMPL CORE SP, DMX NODES, DALI NODES, RELAY NODES



Lighting Designer

BDP London

System integrator


Completion Date

August 2023

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