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The Yankee Doodle Garage is now a piece of visual art at the heart of the Wall Street District thanks to a lighting installation from Traxon e:cue.

The Yankee Doodle Garage, located at 3 Burnell Boulevard in the heart of the Wall Street District in Norwalk, recently received a lighting makeover to its illuminated façade! Last renovated in 2017, the garage underwent both indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades, including the initial installation of the above-mentioned façade. However, since this installation, new products better suited for the project have been launched.

The “Artistic Façade Lighting Installation” at the Yankee Doodle Garage was originally created as part of the Norwalk Public Authority Economic Development Initiative and is a collaboration between the Parking Authority and Norwalk Arts Commission. And, when it came time to upgrade to newer products, the team partnered with Traxon e:cue to utilize their recently launched ProPoint Family of luminaires – in particular, the ProPoint Linear.

Forty-five 4′ ProPoint Linear RGBW and twenty 1′ ProPoint Linear RGBW luminaires, along with 96 Media Tube HO RGBW luminaires, were installed to replace some problematic fixtures, while also complementing other existing fixtures. These fixtures are all controllable via e:cue hardware and software, allowing for easy programming and on-the-fly changes.

The original goal of the façade installation was to use art and placemaking principles to inspire community engagement in Norwalk’s Wall Street District; and, as a result of the lighting renovation, the façade is now truly a piece of visual art that provides a landmark for wayfinding and improves neighborhood safety.

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Methods of Control


City of Norwalk, Norwalk Parking Authority

Lighting Designer

Rachel Calemmo, Christian Rae Studio


Traxon e:cue

Completion Date

October 2020

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