Xiqu Centre

Hong Kong,  


Hong Kong’s world-class palace of art

Traxon e:cue revives the Hong Kong Xiqu Centre, turning it into an immersion space where people can enjoy art, entertainment and the quiet time of solitude. Lit by the connected lighting, the Xiqu Centre becomes a bright pearl on the Victoria Harbour. 

Xiqu Centre is Hong Kong’s world-class palace of art. With a structure resembling a Chinese lantern built by aluminum curved slats, it embraces the east and west cultural richness, just like Hong Kong. 

All materials are arranged in a wavy pattern to reflect the concept of QI. Its aluminum Moon Gate comes in a curvy structure like an unveiling curtain or a long sleeve lifted by an opera dancer, inviting the visitor to join the joyous show. Stepping inside, there is a red-gold ceiling shining through the gate, radiantly. The atrium is undoubtedly the greatest highlight of the architecture. If Xiqu Centre was a lantern, then the atrium would be the wick; if the entrance design tells the concept of “soft glow behind a bead curtain”, then the atrium would the source of that glow. 

To truly awake the Xiqu Centre at night, the atrium must be lit. The project eventually adopts the smart lighting solution by Traxon e:cue. Multiple types of LED luminaires, including the Traxon Nano Liner Allegro, Liner Quattro and Cove Light AC HO has been integrated into the structure, and connected to 6 x 512 DMX. Now standing in the atrium, you will be touched by the brightness by Traxon e:cue. The connected lighting creates an open, well-lit space where people may ramble on the circular hallways or sit and contemplate on the star white stairs. This is an otherworldly wonderland that we build for city residents. 

The Hong Kong Xiqu Centre is the stage where ancient Chinese stories told, and arts performed.  Traxon e:cue connected lighting turns the centre into a glow and lets it overlook the glamorous Victoria Harbor at night. It is also a place where the ancient arts of Xiqu can be promoted and evolves with contemporary concepts and ideas. 

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Cove Light AC HO RGBW
Liner Quattro AC XB RGBW (Discontinued)
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Methods of Control


West Kowloon Cultural District

Lighting Designer

Horton Lees Brogden (US)


Revery Architecture
Ronald Lu & Partners


Chi Luen Construction

General Contractor

Hsin Chong

System Integrator

Prosperity Group

Completion Date

Feb, 2019

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