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OSRAM Traxon e:cue human centric lighting products and Traxon e:cue control systems illuminate the Whirlpool Building in Hefei, China. The connected lighting gives the building a greener operation, clear visibility and people-centric approach.

As a renowned Fortune 500 brand, Whirlpool is leading more than 40 markets all over the world, including China, where its brand awareness and market share are increasing steadily. Located in Hefei, Anhui Province, China, Whirlpool Global R&D Center and its China Headquarters have been put into use in 2018. As the hub for Industry 4.0, R&D innovation and local business, the Hefei office gives great impetus to Whirlpool’s development in China.

An intelligent approach has been used, integrated with OSRAM Traxon e:cue human centric lighting (HCL) products and Traxon e:cue control systems, to build a cutting-edge smart workplace with modern style, lit by connected lighting, where people can thrive and prosper.

In consideration of light’s physiological and psychological impact human, OSRAM Traxon e:cue gives priority to sensitivity, color temperature and power levels when choosing the right products for the Whirlpool office. Eventually, the project selected 21 different types of LED luminaires, including OSRAM Customized Dot, LEDCOMFO® Downlight, LEDCOMFO® Panel, LEDCOMFO® Spotlight, LEDCOMFO® Batten, LEDCOMFO® Ceiling etc., under the control of e:cue Butler XT2 and Butler S2 engines. The smart lighting from OSRAM creates a more comfortable, productive, and sustainable space.

The intelligent lighting management system allows for both individual use and group use, which effectively reduces energy consumption, maintenance costs, light pollution and waste. It enables Whirlpool to achieve energy-saving objectives, while maintaining outstanding lighting and comfort that benefits every employee.

The Whirlpool China project once again demonstrates OSRAM Traxon e:cue’s capability and experience in smart office. In the future, we will adhere to our people-centric guidelines, explore the infinite possibilities of light in different scenarios, and create a healthier environment that appeals greatly to everyone. 

Featured Products

OSRAM Customized Dot
LEDCOMFO® Downlight
LEDCOMFO® Spotlight
LEDCOMFO® Ceiling Light

Methods of Control

Butler XT2
Butler S2

Completion Date

Apr, 2019

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