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The outstanding landmark in London

One of the most outstanding buildings in London is now more visible and attractive at night with its illuminated roof. Up at The O2 is one of the most magnificent landmarks of London that attract many visitors, and climbing Up at the O2 is an incredible experience that visitors could have since it provides a 360-degree view of London. Walking on top of the roof is a new experience that is done on top of large stadiums and structures, and Traxon e:cue with the collaboration of NoiseBoys, had its first mission in the UK to make this experience illuminated.

Up at The O2 requirement was to maintain life and a liveable atmosphere even after the darkness. To reach this goal and make people eager to visit the site, much more than lighting was needed, and it required a unique lighting solution. Phill Beynon, Director at NoiseBoys said, “In a head-to-head demo against rival products, Traxon’s DOT M RGBW Dome demonstrated greater light output and vivid color mixing”.

The product used in this project was Traxon’s DOT M RGBW Dome, which offered a visually impactful solution while maintaining the flexibility necessary for the installation. The e:cue system allowed for integrating the walkway lights with other areas of the attraction, tying everything together with a single versatile controller and allowing for combined effects and chases.

Through teamwork and creative lighting design solutions, Traxon e:cue and NoiseBoys established a unique construction of walkways and visual effects while overcoming various design and installation challenges. Alex Harwood, Project Manager at NoiseBoys, said, “One of the challenges with the system was having quite a complicated program running multiple states, ad-hoc chases, and scheduled scenes, that needed to be operated by users with little to no technical knowledge. The Traxon e:cue allowed us to create a highly customized user interface, which simplified operation and customization for the end-user. Additionally, from an install, commissioning, and maintenance perspective, the Traxon e:cue’s overview screen allowed us to quickly assess the state of the system which aided us during the fault-finding and commissioning process’’.

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Featured Products

Traxon's Dot M RGBW Dome

Methods of Control

SYMPL Core SP, SYMPL dmx Node


Up at The O2

Lighting Designer

Phill Beynon

System Integrator

Completion Date

October 2022

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