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The Pearl’s dynamic lighting invigorates the Bangkok skyline

The Pearl’s dynamic lighting invigorates the Bangkok skyline

Designed to be the center of attention, The Pearl Bangkok partners with Traxon e:cue to fulfill its potential and dazzles all with its radiance. The inspiring oval-shaped building was named as such so it could become a landmark of Bangkok, one of the pearl cities of Asia.

Every night, The Pearl lights up the night sky in the city of Bangkok. An environmental and green theme runs throughout The Pearl, from the building’s air conditioning and water usage to the lighting itself, making Traxon e:cue the perfect partner to realize this concept. Utilizing around 15,000 meters of Traxon Media Tube HO RGBW, 624pcs Traxon Dot XL*, Traxon e:cue adorned the magnificent tower with dynamic lighting fixtures that provide a truly energy efficient display that accentuates the beauty of the architecture, while reducing energy consumption by 60 percent when compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. 

Located in Ari, the heart of Bangkok, The Pearl is surrounded by chic shops and aromatic restaurants that together create a trendy locale for locals and tourists alike. The Pearl towers into the sky, easily visible during the day and now equally so at night. 

The brief was simple, to light up The Pearl and create a new landmark in the bustling city that helps keep the city’s nightlife as colorful as it is trendy. Traxon e:cue provided just that by installing a customized solution, powered by e:cue Butler Pro, e:cue Butler S2, and e:cue Light Control Engine 2 FX and the Sympholight, a key product adding more flexibility in content creation, video mapping and regular content updates.. 

The chosen solution can output simple color-changing effects but is also able to display beautiful seasonal graphics, keeping The Pearl fresh and up-to-date all year round. Traxon e:cue has accumulated an excellent reputation for providing innovative and quality lighting solutions and continues this trend with The Pearl, Bangkok, further paving the way to brighter, energy-efficient future. With our expert team on hand to deliver the knowledge, products and excellent customer care, any lighting project is possible, provided it is a dynamic, innovative solution that you seek.

*Allegro Dot is a new generation of the Dot-XL

Featured Products

Media Tube® HO RGBW
Allegro Dot

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 2 fx
Butler S2 Butler PRO


Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited

Lighting Designer

Bo Steiber Lighting Design


Palmer & Turner Co., LTD.


South East Thailand Co., LTD.

Completion Date

Dec, 2017

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