Stadiums for the FIFA U20 World Cup



Connected Lighting Invigorates Stadiums for the U-20 World Cup

Festival atmosphere is getting intense in Indonesia as the FIFA U-20 World Cup is getting closer. 10 stadiums from Jakarta to Java are under preparation to welcome the event. Lighting is an indispensable part of the stadium construction. A proper lighting brings a variety of benefits, including better playing and watching experience, better broadcast quality for the televised event, improvement of facility safety and branding etc.

The right lighting is the key of a successful sports event. It is capable of turning an empty field into a professional venue and, more importantly, a destination known to the entire world. With such ambition in mind, architect and lighting design company PT. Unitri Cipta reached out to OSRAM Indonesia to work on a smart lighting solution for the stadiums in the city of Surakarta, Central Java Indonesia.

In the spirit of the FIFA Lighting Guide, both Kota Baru and Banyu Anyar Stadiums have used altogether 128 pcs of OSRAM PURSOS® SHP S V2 Flood Light at 800 Lux with perfect uniformity and zero glare. The housing of the LED fixtures has been customized with a binder to guarantee a solid installation and a more accurate illumination angle. With robustness, long outdoor service life and excellent energy-saving performance, the OSRAM PURSOS® SHP S V2 Flood Light provides high-consistency and high-CRI white light, which mimics natural daylight and ensures visual acuity. Lighting automation is realized by the e:cue control system, using a bunch of e:cue SYMPL dmx Nodes, SYMPL e:bus Nodes and the Glass Touch T12 to execute any desired lighting effect and more complex scenarios.

The turnkey lighting and control solutions have now transformed the stadiums into well-lit professional fields, which will be put into use soon to accommodate matches, athletes and spectators. We are proud to invigorate the FIFA U-20 Stadiums with our connected lighting and become part of this world-class project.

Featured Products

PURSOS® SHP S V2 Flood Light

Methods of Control

SYMPL dmx Nodes
SYMPL e:bus Nodes
Glass Touch T12



Lighting Designer

PT. Unitri Cipta


PT. Unitri Cipta


PT. Sinergi Citra Karsa Mandiri

Completion Date

Apr, 2021

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