St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center


United States

An illuminated art installation invites patients, caregivers and visitors alike, to experience a welcoming healing environment at St. Joseph’s.

Where once there was darkness, an illuminated art installation now invites patients, care givers, and visitors to experience the healing environment of St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey.

In the main lobby, a media wall was created allowing LED-lit acrylic boxes to interact with natural light from skylight overhead. The low-energy solution combined Traxon’s 1PXL Board RGB and 1PXL Strip Warm White with optimum control, allowing the installation to be synced with lobby music and it can stream video art. Warm White Coves were added to highlight existing architectural elements. e:cue’s Butler XT and Glass Touch T12 were integrated to control the inspiring scene; (Butler XT replays the previously uploaded lighting scene, and Glass Touch T12 adjusts the brightness of the colors or to determine the speed and choice of the lighting program.) The addition of this sophisticated lighting display has created a distinctive and unforgettable healthcare environment where patients and providers thrive.

Featured Products

1PXL Board RGB (Discontinued), 1PXL Strip WW (Discontinued), 1PXL Cove Light XR WW (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Butler XT, GlassTouch T12


St. Joseph's

Lighting Designer

Rachel Calemmo, LC LEED AP, Francis Cauffman

Completion Date

September 2010

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