Shenzhen Futian CBD



A dynamic painting scroll of Shenzhen’s glorious history over the past decades.

To toast China’s 69th birthday and the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, an epic light show was staged around the Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center in Futian Central Business District (CBD). The lighting on buildings created a dynamic painting scroll of Shenzhen’s glorious history over the past decades.

The show included an overture “I Love You, China” and other four parts, depicting Shenzhen as a city by the mountains and the sea, a window into reform, a city of innovation and a land of harmony. A the 2nd tallest building in China and the 4th tallest building in the world, the Ping An Finance Centre was the most prominent figure. This gleaming steel and glass skyscraper has a total construction area of 459187m2. It amazes people with futuristic design and artistic beauty, towering towards the sky like a giant tree.

Nearly 200,000 pieces of OSRAM ARCHISHAPE® 2.0 and 140,000 pieces of Traxon DOT-XL9 have been installed into the 600-meter 118-storey landmark.  All luminaires are incorporated into the structure to preserve the architectural integrity without compromising on lighting quality, under the management of Traxon e:cue control engines, including the Butler PRO, the Butler S2 and the Butler XT2.

Lit, controlled and monitored by OSRAM / Traxon e:cue lighting and control technology, the lighting display was on dozens of buildings and squares, including the Civic Center, the Ping An Finance Centre, the Xingye Bank Building and the Fortune Building etc. Over 1,500,000 luminaires spreading over 43 buildings are now digitally connected and controlled by OSRAM SYMPHO®City central management platform and e:cue control system, including the Lighting Control Engine 2 fx, Butler PRO and Butler S2. 

The SYMPHO®City platform interconnects the luminaires and control-systems for video capability, and further builds a cloud platform that allows the master control room to monitor each building. Management of the city center becomes unprecedentedly easy thusly.

Within 4 decades, Shenzhen has grown into the a cosmopolis from a small fishing village. Known as China’s own Silicon Valley, it is now also a global innovation hub. The city’s 40-year history reflects how China change from a poor country to the world’s second-largest economy. The rise of Shenzhen is the rise of China.

OSRAM / Traxon e:cue is honored to be part of this grand event through the form of smart light.

Featured Products

Allegro Dot
ARCHISHAPE® 2.0 Linear

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 2 fx
Butler S2
Butler PRO


Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China Ltd

Lighting Designer


Completion Date

Aug, 2018

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