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Palliser One, an office building located at the base of the historic Calgary Tower, recently received an entire exterior facade makeover, including new corner lighting from Traxon e:cue.

Palliser One, built in 1970, is a 27-story office building located on 9th Avenue in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at the base of the historic Calgary Tower. The building is home to numerous suites averaging 16,700 square feet each, in addition to a fitness center, hockey rink, conference facility, lounge and patio, golf simulator, and bicycle storage/bicycle share program – all available exclusively for tenants.

Over the past few years, it became obvious that Palliser One, one of Calgary’s oldest high-rise buildings, needed an exterior makeover. Among the newer, taller buildings making up the city’s skyline, the commercial building façade was looking quite dated. Therefore, Aspen Properties teamed with Gibbs Gage Architects to give Palliser One a modern facelift.

The project included re-cladding the entire 400,000 square foot building with metallic panels in light, medium, and dark grey shades, replacing all the original concrete panels of the exterior. In addition, the project also teamed with Optics Lighting & Controls and Traxon e:cue on lighting for the façade. Ultimately, the ProPoint™ Kontour RGB was selected and installed along the four corners of the building, spanning the full height of the 27-story building.

As a result of this project, Palliser One has been completely transformed, renewing its place within the Calgary Skyline. And, with the addition of corner lighting, which was able to be fully controlled from one central location, the building now harmonizes with its neighboring Calgary Tower.

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Optics Lighting & Controls

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December 2020

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