Ostankino TV Tower



Bring light to Europe’s tallest TV Tower

Rising to 1,771 feet (540m), the Ostankino TV Tower is the world’s 4th tallest and Europe’s highest of its kind. The tower was erected in 1967 by the well-known Soviet engineer Nikolai Nikitin. As the highest free-standing building in Russia, it is a renowned symbol of Russian broadcasting, as well as a famous landmark and a must-visit destination of Moscow. 

Recently upon its 53th birthday, the Ostankino TV Tower underwent an upgrade for its illumination system. Planned by Orion Art Company and global dynamic lighting Traxon e:cue, the new lighting scheme aimed to provide the tower with a more glamorous, easy-to-manage and energy-efficient installation. 

The installation is a complete, vertical solution integrating a sophisticated system and different types of lighting fixtures. 190 high power led projectors Traxon Allegro Washer and 90 sets of Traxon Allegro Dot to cast a glow on the overall structure and enhance a sense of magnificence. To make the façade more vivid, Traxon Allegro Dots have been selected to decorate the observation decks, adding more glorious colors to wrap the high-rise like halos. With another 40 sets of Clay Paky Aqua, the solution elevates the tower into a more exciting location for touring and other outdoor events. 

The entire lighting scheme is under the control of e:cue Sympholight with the Lighting Control Engine 3 and SYMPL bridge Node. With this comprehensive, extendable hardware and software, the new system orchestrates the LED luminaires as desired and enables twelves different lighting scenes in case of significant occasions. The software’s mobile friendliness allows for remote control through phones, tablets or a central computer, making monitoring of the illumination devices like a breeze. 

As the main source of TV and radio broadcasting in Russia, the Ostankino TV Tower carries an intricate network consisting of various transmitting devices, which put forward challenges to the installation as no interferences or disruptions of broadcasting was allowed. Thanks to detailed planning and the compact profile of products, employing the solution in such limited space became possible. More significantly, it withstands the city’s frigid winter temperatures – even when the tower is under the attack by ice and snow, the solution remains intact. Traxon e:cue system once again proves its reliability and robustness during the practice. In four seasons from dusk to midnight, now our lighting solution will bring the Ostankino TV Tower out of darkness, invigorating Moscow’s skyline with glamour and excitement.  

Production – Orion Art

Working Documentation – Buro Manifest 

Traxon Partner – LUMEN

Featured Products

Allegro Dot
Allegro Washer AC

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 3
SYMPL bridge Node



Lighting Designer

Dmitry Orlikov, Yry Krasilnikov

Completion Date

Nov, 2020

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