Open Cork Restaurant & Lounge



This upscale restaurant features contemporary LED lighting by Traxon e:cue throughout the main entrance, bar, and private lounge, creating a cozy atmosphere.

One of the top rated restaurants in the Toronto area, Open Cork Restaurant & Lounge features contemporary LED lighting by Traxon throughout the main entrance, bar, and private lounge. The vision for the upscale restaurant was a cozy ambient atmosphere.

The lobby at the entrance of the restaurant features Traxon 64PXL Mirror Wash tiles displaying slow, “hyperspace” dynamic content, as well as Traxon Nano Liner XB down-lighting the textured wall. Behind the bar are shelving cubes with Traxon 1PXL Strips highlighting each cube, displaying spontaneous pulsing of monotone color. At the back of the bar is a private lounge, known as the “Plasma Room,” which consists of booths lining the walls, and a recessed ceiling. Traxon 1PXL Cove Light XR fixtures provide ambient lighting by illuminating the curved cove space in the ceiling with slow dynamic pulsing white light. Nano Liner XB is hidden behind the booths and provides up-lighting that grazes the textured walls in the main lounge and the Plasma Room. All of the LED lighting is controlled by e:cue Lighting Control Engine and Butler S2, producing a coordinated show throughout the restaurant.

Featured Products

64PXL Mirror Wash RGB (Discontinued), Nano Liner XB (Discontinued), 1PXL Strip (Discontinued), 1PXL Cove Light XR (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine, Butler X2


Open Cork Restaurant & Lounge

Lighting Designer

Anson Lee


Traxon e:cue

Completion Date

October 2011

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