M&S Bank Arena


United Kingdom

Traxon e:cue is thrilled to participate in the M&S Bank Arena project and supply Archishape Linear POWER RGBW products for the façade illumination of this magnificent building.

In April 2023, Traxon e:cue was honored to illuminate the façade of the Eurovision song contest’s venue which was held in the UK after 25 years. England’s city of music, Liverpool was the host for this worldwide popular song competition and Liverpool’s M&S Arena building with the capacity of 11000 people was the venue for this event. In collaboration with lighting designers Arup, Studiotech provided a dynamic lighting design solution which requires a product to be applied that can be flexible within the limited time and client’s other requirement.

In order to meet customer’s requirements for sustainability, environmentally friendly design and energy efficiency, the Traxon e:cue Archishape Linear POWER RGBW was chosen in this project. The Archishape linear Power is extremely reliable, economical, and energy-efficient, with a distinctive water-proof design and outstanding lighting quality. From a designer’s point of view, the linear fixture offers a variety of advantages, such as the wide range of color combinations or white CCT options, various available beam angles and power output ranges. In addition, it can be controlled statically on/off or dynamically via standard DMX-512, depending on the application. Besides its outstanding lighting performance, it also offers the flexibility that allows Traxon e:cue customers to tailor the product to their projects, thanks to its integrated power supply delivering up to 3000 lm per meter for a most efficient installation.

The ability to use our Archishape architectural range was essential to our achievement because of the critical importance of the lead time and the incredibly short timelines for the prototype, project installation, and completion.

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Archishape Linear POWER RGBW



Lighting Designer


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Completion Date

April 2023

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