Lupu Bridge



Turning the bridge into a beautiful rainbow over Shanghai’s skyline. 

Upon the first China International Import Expo, OSRAM provided an integrated vertical solution of “lighting + control” for the Shanghai Lupu Bridge, turning it into a beautiful rainbow over Shanghai’s skyline. 

As the second longest steel arch bridge in the world, Shanghai Lupu Bridge is one of the main bridges crossings the Huangpu River. It locates in the core area of Shanghai, connecting major roads such as the Jiyang Road and North-South Viaduct with a total length of 8,722 meters, becoming the key connection between the city center and the Pudong International Airport.

It was designed by the bridge expert Lin Yuanpei and officially opened to traffic in 2003. The pedestrian walkways on the bridge main span allow people to walk up and enjoy the scenery of Shanghai. Underneath the bridge, a magnificent water curtain lighting show is staged while a group of Expo pavilions lying around. The Lupu Bridge integrates transportation, tourism and entertainment just like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

According to the Traffic and Transportation Magazine, the Lupu Bridge is the first cross-river project built in Shanghai’s downtown area in the 21st century. It has become a landmark in the city with its beautiful arch spanning over the Huangpu River like a rainbow.

Upon the first China International Import Expo, a renovation was planned for the Lupu Bridge. The goal was to replace the outdated lighting devices with modern smart lighting system. As the supplier of this project, OSRAM offered the Lupu Bridge an integrated vertical solution of “lighting + control”. More than 7,400 sets of OSRAM ARCHISHAPE® LED luminaires have been installed and connected by the Traxon e:cue control system, turning the Lupu Bridge and riverbanks at night into a colorful wonderland.

It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the Lupu Bridge is also illuminated. Now floodlights have been installed to create media animation on the water surface, like various colorful paintings. Such brilliance revives the bridge into a bright and safer destination for locals, tourists and photographers to seek the experience of sightseeing and art.

Lupu Bridge, adding to the unique city identity of Shanghai.

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Lighting Control Engine 2
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Completion Date

Mar, 2020

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