Landmark 81

Ho Chi Minh City,  


Invigorating the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia

At 461.5 meters, the Landmark 81 dominates the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It is the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia and the sixth tallest in Asia. Landmark 81 is created to be a multi-use location comprising commercial, retail and luxury residential apartments in the Vinhomes Central Park by the River Saigon. With a gross floor area of 241,000m², Landmark 81 forms the most prime space for business development and becomes the next architectural symbol of the country.

At day, the building structure resembles a bundle of elegantly shaped bamboo, soaring into the blue sky and representing strength and unity. At night, to match with the building’s fine exterior and high-end positioning, strong emphasis is placed on the façade lighting. The aim is to highlight a sense of luxury for the structure to provide a striking and elegant experience.

Experts from LK Technology and Traxon e:cue by OSRAM divide the building façade lighting into three parts. LED Lines are installed at the lower part to change from dark to light and warm to cold white. In the middle section, LED Dots are incorporated to produce video and animation effects. At the top, LED Dots are used to light up the antenna into a bright spot so high that it seemed within reach of airplane passengers.  

The connected lighting consists of 12,500 OSRAM and Traxon fixtures and a series of e:cue lighting control engines, including the customized LED Dot, the Monochrome Tube*, Washer Allegro, the e:cue Butler S2 and the Lighting Control Engine 2. The smart dynamic solution gives Landmark 81 a glorious glow visible within a radius of 10,000 meters, telling a colorful story of the four elements, the water, fire, wind and earth. And the color yellow is highlighted as it symbolizes wealth, prosperity, royalty, happiness in the Vietnamese culture.

The e:cue control system allows for pre-programming of the façade lighting in case of celebratory events during desired time slots. It also ensures lighting is only activated during evening hours to maximize energy savings and limit light pollution.

Through teamwork and intelligent design, LK Technology and Traxon e:cue by OSRAM establish the identity of Landmark 81 by giving it a divine and classic lighting show like no other. It makes the location as bustle at night as it in the day, transfoming Landmark 81 into a true structure for business and lifestyles with unprecedented scale and unpredictable potential.

*Allegro Tube Mono is a new generation of the Monochrome Tube

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Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 2
Butler S2


Tan Lien Phat Investment and Construction JCS

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Completion Date

Dec, 2019

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