Kendra Scott Jewelry Retail Stores

United States

A central, luminous, Danielle jewel-shaped patterned wall pops behind ColorBar(TM) in several retail stores with the addition of dynamic lighting controlled by Traxon e:cue.

Fashion-forward jewelry brand Kendra Scott now features a central luminous patterned wall in several of its retail stores.

In each store, the patterned wall is located behind the ColorBar(TM) by Kendra Scott experience, an area in the store where customers can customize their own jewelry. Third-party LED modules are used to backlight the frosted acrylic Danielle jewel shape that comprise the wall. Traxon & e:cue worked with the Kendra Scott design team to develop various scenes reflecting the colors of the jewelry. Each store location also has unique scenes programmed for their geographical region. The entire installation is controlled by e:cue DMX2PWM and Butler XT2, with scenes easily selected via an e:cue Glass Touch T12. Traxon & e:cue worked closely with the project team to overcome the challenges of different setups at each location. The overall result is an impressive focal point that elevates the atmosphere of each Kendra Scott retail store.

Methods of Control

DMX2PWM, Butler XT2, GlassTouch T12


Kendra Scott Jewelry


Traxon e:cue

Completion Date

January 2015

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