JTD 6 Section Toll Road



Improving the JTD 6 Section Toll Road with Connected Lighting Solution

Indonesia’s rapid socio-economic growth for the past years has pushed its aging infrastructure and road network to its limits. A modernization for the road network is essential, especially in major cities like Jakarta. Under the leadership of PT Jakarta Toll Road Development, a project named JTD 6 Section Toll Road has been launched to refresh the city’s looks. Illumination is an indispensable part of it.

The lighting needs to provide illumination not only for nighttime driving on the road, but also for roadside amenities to improve the quality of travel, besides enhancing aesthetics of the neighborhood. OSRAM Traxon e:cue, as a global leader in connected lighting, provides a total solution consisting of smart control and dynamic lighting to elevate Jakarta’s environments.

A series of Traxon Allegro Linear AC adorn the toll road with RGB lighting. The colors change in sequence to create a dynamic sense to let the overpass become part of the city vibes. The beam angle of LED fixtures is adjusted to limit glare so that it will not disturb the neighborhood when passing through residential districts. Smart control of all installed LED lights is made possible by the e:cue Lighting Control Engine 3 high-performance server and the SYMPL Genius Nodes, paired with an easy-to-use, click-to-start action pad. Lighting content is set accommodate several occasions such as new year, Christmas, IED Mubarak and the National days etc.

“It is our privilege to be part of a project that contributes to a country’s betterment. With better transportation, Indonesia will be able to increase mobility and drive socio-economic growth with better efficiency, across broader spread,” said Faber Sahala Sibarani, Commercial Manager of OSRAM Indonesia, “It means a great deal for us to know that our lighting solution actually improve the travelling experience for people. We make the city, the world a little better in our own way.”

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Completion Date

Jan, 2022

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