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Innovation Quarter is an emerging district in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina that includes Rail Trail North and Bailey Power Plant, two projects both lit and controlled by Traxon e:cue. 

Innovation Quarter is an emerging district in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina, centered around research, scientific education, innovative business and information technology. The 330-acre mixed-use space is home to five academic institutions as well as 170 other businesses including several entertainment and retail establishments. And,two of the newest renewal projects within the district include Rail Trail North and Bailey Power Plant – both projectsthat shine thanks to the addition of lighting from Traxon e:cue.

The Rail Trail North project consisted of converting retired railroad tracks into a trail for walking and bicycling that now runs throughoutthe Innovation Quarter District. The trail features dynamic lighting from Traxon e:cue that was installed to highlight both the existing, operational railroad tracks as well as the remnants of the repurposed railway including city street trestles and an abandoned tower.In addition, the lighting was also deployed on new construction that included bridges and highway underpasses.

Bailey Power Plant, located along the old train tracks, was previously the location of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company’s coal-fired power plant, but as a result of the redevelopment project, it is now a multipurpose facility for restaurants, retail and office space. The facility features dynamic lighting from Traxon e:cue highlighting the existing architecture while also introducing additional elements. ProPoint Vista fixtures illuminate the pair of smokestacks towering over the plant, making them a prominent feature of the Winston-Salem skyline.

The two projects connect not only from a lighting fixture perspective, but also at a single, consolidated point of control, located in the Bailey Power Plant. With the touch of a button, both installations run a unified dynamic show along two miles of the trail as well as at the power plant. Thanks to e:cue controls, the lighting can be tailored to celebrate holidays, coincide with festivals, or show support for local causes and awareness days. And, on a nightly basis, the Traxon system cycles through various coordinated displays of light and color, adding visual interest to a city working hard to remember its past and embrace its future.

Featured Products

Allegro Linear RGB, Allegro Washer RGB, Media Tube HO RGBW, ProPoint Vista RGBW, Allegro Tube Mono

Methods of Control

Butler XT2, Lighting Control Engine 3


Innovation Quarter


Christy Turner-Stimmel

Completion Date

Rail Trail North – 2017
Bailey Power Plant – 2019

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