Folkart Towers



Invigorating the twin skyscrapers in Izmir City

Folkart Towers is Europe’s 5th and Turkey’s 2nd highest twin towers with an antenna height of 200 meters. It is located at Bayraklı district of Izmir.

The construction of Folkart Towers was completed in 2014. Two towers with a height of 200 meters consists of 45 floors each, with a closed construction area of 150,000 square meters planned on a land of 27.000 square meters. Some of the technologies used in the project construction (soil improvement and deep foundation works) were used for the first time in the Turkish real estate sector, and some for the first time in Izmir.

The twin tower includes shopping areas, restaurant and cafes, a sports center, an art gallery, residence and office floors. Approximately 4,000 people work and live in the towers.

Together with experts from VETAS LED and OSRAM Traxon e:cue, the lighting design and technical solutions has been provided to the end customer as a full solution. The design of the building consists of 4 separate areas; The sides, the front, top screens and back side of the buildings.

As an advantage of the location, the towers are visible from all the city. So the main concerns to illuminate the building was to make it visible also at night from long distances, and to use the screens on top effectively. For the sides and the front area of the building Traxon Media Tube RGB product has been used and it is improved that even in the city lights the towers are visible from 14km’s.

The Top screens were designed to play low resolution video’s and the main targets of the screens were them to be visible from Karsıyaka district which is 2,5km’s away and to eliminate dot effect form 300mts shortest viewing distance. With a size of 900m2 each (45x20meters) in total two screens totally create a 1800m2 screen with custom designed Traxon Dot XL’s; With the total area of 1800m2 the screens are unofficially 18th biggest screen application on the world.

Currently for special days, national holidays and special occasions the content of the light show on the towers are being managed professionally according to the events. Time to time Folkart Management only plays personal advertisements of the construction company on the screens and informs the city about their new investments & project. Special contents which are just created for Folkart Towers are also being produced by VETAS LED and OSRAM Traxon e:cue.

The back side of the building is being illuminated with Traxon Wall washers to balance the active DMX scenarios. Traxon illuminates the architectural details at these areas and make them visible to the other side of the city.

The connected lighting consists of 76780 pixels all from Traxon fixtures; The customized LED Dot XL’s, the Media Tube RGB Diffused, Washer Shield AC, and a series of e:cue lighting control engines including; Video Micro Converters, Butler S2 and the Lighting Control Engine FX.

The e:cue control system allows for pre-programming of the façade lighting in case of celebratory events during desired time slots. It also ensures lighting is only activated during evening hours to maximize energy savings and limit light pollution. After 8 years of installation; by effective management of service and maintenance operations the installation still works properly.

Through teamwork and intelligent design VETAS LED and OSRAM Traxon e:cue establish the identity of Folkart Towers by giving it a divine and classic lighting show like no other. It makes the location as bustle at night as it in the day, transforming Folkart Towers into a true structure for business and lifestyles with unprecedented scale and unpredictable potential.

The cooperation between Folkart, Vetas and OSRAM Traxon e:cue continues with new projects like Folkart VEGA.

Featured Products

Media Tube HO RGB
Dot XL (Discontinued)

Methods of Control

Lighting Control Engine 2 fx
Butler S2
Butler XT2
Video Micro Converter


Folkart Constructıon

Lighting Designer

Vetas Electrıc & Lıghtıng


Folkart Constructıon

Completion Date

Dec, 2013

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