Aurora Highlands Entry Monument


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Aurora Highlands is a residential community in Colorado, located on route E-470, that stands out in the neighborhood thanks to the dynamic lighting on its entry clock and monument.

Aurora Highlands is a 3,000-acre, one-of-a-kind, residential community in Aurora, Colorado, located on route E-470. Conveniently situated near retail, restaurants, schools, and the Denver International Airport, the community is desirable to all who wish to connect work and play – the true Colorado lifestyle.

The Aurora Highlands community consists of thousands of single-family homes, providing affordable ownership opportunities for those in the middle class. As a new addition to the neighborhood, the community owners wanted to be sure the Highlands stood out, and for that to happen, an impressive entry was required. It was then that CT Lighting & Controls, out of Denver, connected the community with Traxon e:cue, who went on to supply fixtures for both the clocktower and entry gate, in a multi-phase installation. With linear and washer fixtures, there are now colorful highlights seen on the masonry structure – highlights, that thanks to e:cue controls, can be easily changed to meet any design needs.

As a result of the lighting installation, the entry point to Aurora Highlands is now a signature landmark for the development. Shining bright both day and night, the entryway invites owners and guests alike to all the community has to offer from its housing to its recreational trails and more!

Featured Products

ProPoint Linear, Quattro Linear

Methods of Control

SYMPL Modular Controls, Butler XT2, GlassTouch


The Aurora Highlands

Lighting Designer

EV Studio - Shane Donalson


Weifield Electric and Kenny Electric



Completion Date

May 2021

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