Your Light. Our Passion.

We create and provide professional lighting solutions.


Traxon e:cue is a global leader in dynamic lighting and control systems, providing innovative, performance-driven, and intelligent lighting solutions.

With an expansive portfolio, our solutions allow lighting designers to elevate architecture, entertainment, hospitality and retail environments, worldwide.

At Traxon e:cue, we possess a unique strength in our team and experience, allowing us to specialize in the complete solution to deliver unforgettable multi-dimentional, dynamic lighting and control installations. With a portfolio of projects spanning the globe, as well as a continued focus on developing the next generations of lighting and control solutions, we are commited to our partners and customer base to turn creative visions into bold, beautiful lighting experiences.

Our Vision

  • Illuminating a world of possibilities

Our Mission

  • To provide sustainable solutions through light

Our Values

  • E xcellence: Our ordinary is extraordinary.
  • A ccountability: The empowerment to achieve great things is founded in our dedication to responsibility and ownership.
  • R espect: We hold the values of ourselves and others in high regard and we are dedicated stewards of our collective environment.
  • T eamwork: We believe that partnerships and collaboration produce a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • H onesty: We have the integrity to do business at the speed of right.

Featured Awards

OSRAM/Traxon e:cue has won two Global SSL Showcase Top 100 Awards on the ceremony for our fantastic lighting solutions in Wenzhou Oujiang Nightscape PPP project, the Taiyuan Changfeng Business Circle and 8...
Luminaries of the lighting profession gathered for the first time online to honour the winners of the 37th Annual International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) International Lighting Design Awards. Twenty-one projects were...
2020 IES Award of Excellence for exceptional contribution to the art and science of light. The long-term parking garage at the San Francisco International Airport is home to the airport’s latest, permanent...


Traxon Technologies was established in 1995 in Frankfurt, Germany. Originally positioning itself in the emerging LED market as a producer of small boutique retail LED products, Traxon’s focus began to change as it pioneered its Mood Light Classic panel, a remotely-controlled LED fixture for the consumer market. A young company with a bright future, Traxon moved its headquarters to Hong Kong in 1997, and began to reinvent itself.


Traxon made an official shift from business-to-consumer lifestyle products in 2002, taking a courageous leap into the professional architectural lighting industry, a fast-paced business-to-business market. This allowed Traxon the ability to shape and lead an evolving industry noted for its technological advances. It was at this point that Traxon began rapidly grow its team, customer base, and product and service offerings.


With research and development divisions in both Hong Kong and Germany, Traxon was serving ten overseas offices as well as a network of distributors, integrators, and clients, worldwide. Traxon began marketing their basic LED lighting and control products.


During the International Light + Building Conference in 2005, Traxon was introduced to e:cue lighting control, a company which would, just one year later, become a shareholder, eventually creating a combined Research and Development Center in Paderborn, Germany.


After realizing the potential of their combined strengths, Traxon Technologies and e:cue Lighting Controls joined together to form one global entity with two brands. Together, the two companies offered customers full turnkey LED systems and solutions, including dedicated fixture and control product portfolios.


Market position was strengthened in March 2009 when Traxon entered into a joint venture with OSRAM, a partnership which ultimately led to OSRAM's complete acquisition of Traxon in 2011. The venture combined knowledge and experience in both technology and marketing, and allowed Traxon to build on synergies with OSRAM's global presence.


Traxon Technologies, together with its control brand, e:cue, is a global leader in dynamic lighting and control systems providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions. Working with its extensive partner network, Traxon & e:cue are commited to the complete solution, from creative spark through installation, to create exquisite lighting experiences.