Manage all your city wide lighting infrastructure from one central platform

SymphoCity is a full-scale Smart City platform that offers you a deep insight into and control over all of your lighting assets (functional and colored / dynamic lighting) and lighting infrastructure of your city. Via an open API, the platform integrates third-party software platforms easily and efficiently.

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Thanks to the web-based user interface, SymphoCity offers full control of your video or lighting scene content which can be accessed from any device, wherever you are. For instance, if you’re having an event, you can start your content or colorful lighting scene with the push of a button on your smartphone, tablet or web browser. You are in control!



With the option of Status overview, system and facility managers have an intuitive examination of the performance and status of the city lighting infrastructure. This enables preventive maintenance before issues occur. Naturally, the show must go on and you have everything under control!


The Energy Monitoring functionality offers full transparency of energy consumption and electric loads of the systems connected to SymphoCity. Energy data can be collected from the SYMPHOLIGHT system or via energy meters that are connected to the system via standard open protocols.




SymphoCity and SYMPHOLIGHT offer a fully open and documented API. This makes it extremely easy to extract data from SymphoCity or SYMPHOLIGHT, granting access to other platforms or systems, or to control SYMPHOLIGHT and SymphoCity functionality from third party systems.


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